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Secret Garden The Secret Garden has a four hour allowance for setup and cleanup, and will be closed to the public for the ceremony only. It will be reopened for public access following the ceremony. Includes the Creekside, Bigelow, Forest Meadow, or the Four Season lawn for a reception area. $2000.00
Asian Garden

The Asian Garden with its unique rock landscaping is located on the lodge side of the river, providing great accesibility and scenery for any event.


Creekside Lawn

Located across the river from the Lodge the Creekside lawn is perfect for a group under 200.

Bigelow Cabin Lawn Located across the river from the Lodge and near the Creekside lawn. The Bigelow Cabin lawn is a great for larger groups. $1250.00
Forest Meadow Located across the river from the Lodge and near Cabin 7. $1250.00
Celebration Lawn The Celebration lawn is on the same side of the river as the lodge and near the upper RV park. Just across from the Asian Garden it is great for outdoor receptions. $1250.00
Four Season Lawn The Four Seasons Lawn is separated from the creekside lawn and provides an excellent place for an outside reception. $1250.00
Patio Located next to the west side of the lodge and just outside the great room the patio is great for a river view. $250.00
Great Room

$100.00 discounted from fee if event has rented all lodge rooms.
Patio may be added for additional $150.00
. Can hold about 75 occupants.

Additional Wedding Rentals





Gator and Golf Cart Usage


White Plastic Backed Folding or Lawn




Includes Driver








HOURS OF USE: 9:00 A.M.-9:00 P.M.

In the event that the site may be used until the following morning for cleanup, there will be an additional fee of $100.00

If usage of second site is needed for the particular event, site may be requested for a fee of $500.00

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